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Neal Parker, one of Abilene's distinguished & highly educated hairdressers opened his first self-titled salon in December of 2010, in a partnership with his wife and fellow hairdresser Karli Parker. Nestled in the heart of Abilene blocks away from Historic downtown the space was truly a reflection of both Neal and Karli's trend-setting style; a welcoming and hip environment that inspires and caters to its exclusive clientele.


The most recent incarnation of Neal Parker Salon has a minimalist, design that is distinctly unique and modern. Wood accents  and textures from nature give the cozy modern space an intimate yet airy feel. The salon also features an eco friendly, true color lighting system. Furnished with custom décor and an art collection, including pieces of Saybra Giles, Cassi DeHaas Dick, Sarah Stanley, & Taylor Cass it could double as an art gallery. While the look of the salon sets the tone for a high-end experience, it is the friendly, personal and attentive service paired with the highly talented styling team that truly makes the Neal Parker Salon one of a kind.


Neal's signature highlighting style has caught the attention of Abilene's most discerning clientele. Using traditional methods paired with the French freehand technique he creates natural-looking, sunkissed color that looks like you've spent a summer at the beach, not three hours in the salon. High fashion blondes love the rich, soft contrast designs, brunettes clamor for his luscious caramel-toned tips. As a result he has become a favorite among the chic & cultured ladies of Abilene.


Karli a master at color as well, is known for  sexy & naturally effortless looking hair. A lover of the French balayage technique, she achieves her signature blonde by blending the color of the highlights, making the tips the brightest.  Her copper-gold redheads set the standard for this vibrant, head turning hue.Her keen sense of fashion, and knowledge, of up to the minute trends, paired with her ability to deliver exactly what her clients want has made her such a sought after hairdresser.

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